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8mm Musik Night

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8MM Musik Night presents: 3 Bands from Berlin

“We are extremely honored to present local legends and 8MM Bar stammgäste TARWATER for their first Berlin gig in a year and a half. Furthermore, the fantastic helsinki-berlin band Eagle Boston managed to score some time in between all their different projects to join us once again. The talented and beautiful Zulu Pearls keep it fresh and close to home. First band is on at 10, Hope you can make it!”

Mittwoch 28.4.2010, 21hr @ Bassy 6€
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Tonight, the pearls are playing, my baby is getting one year older and I will be djing as Playground Twist with some sixties, synth wave, ass shaker tunes!

Hosted by the Broken Hearts Club crew, the party will take place at the stylish Michel Berger Hotel, the place to be when searching for great design and cool events. “We’ve done a lot of thinking, and now we’ve tied all the nuts and balls together, and are ready to give you your mission: book the dude!

Inside we packed it up with as much Berlin vibes and love as possible and outside there is lots to explore. 119 Rooms in an old factory building, built for Austrian carpenters, Swedish models, English rockstars, Japanese businessmen, German racing car drivers and American dudes.”

A place to see when no need to book a room! Come over party with us!

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