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Jean-Antoine Watteau. La Gamme d’Amour.

On a cold sunday morning (13 p.m for yelling out loud), we had a shooting meeting with my friend Katja, to present her new design clothes, a wonderful 3 pieces tuxedo for man, and an incredible skirt, shirt, jacket and more tiny details for woman, all design and sewed by lovely K. What amazing pieces she made! The outfits and the scenery are inspired by the paintings of Watteau and Jean Honore two famous french painters who brought their art in Versailles long time ago.  She talks about her work as it is about hedonism, elegance but also sensitivity and cultural behavior. “This is also what my fashion is about even though I don´t just do Rococo imitations when I design.” I truly like it when fashion steps out from the hype superficial meaning to tells its own story. And Katja managed that brilliantly. You can totally feel in her designs, that all along the process of creation, there is a whole inspiration behind it. It was also her idea to make the shooting vivid and florid as a 18th century painting itself.

Enjoy those wonderful pictures shoot by Owen Dakin and find more about Katja’s designs under her website which will be online soon: I tell you it is only a short summary of what that woman can do!

Two weeks ago, I went to Pale Blue Eyes, on the Kastanienallee. A very nice shop “full of great clothes from Cheap Monday, Velour, Mini for many, Dr Denim, Resteröds, Refined by Bobbie Burns, Whyszeck. And a collection of selected second-hand clothes handpicked by us in California!” dixit the owners. Damn right! I bought myself one grey slim from the new Cheap Monday’s collection and it’s on my butt since then. Just love it, perfect color, size… I also found a beautifull dress, nice cut and everything but when I tried it on again at home I felt enormous. So it’s not the dress fault but fucking winter that makes you eat like your are pregnant of twins.  Anyway, the point was not to talk about my ego issues. Oh, I also took a bootle of Held Vodka, I mean who knows what tomorrow will be made of? I thought that too.

Marcus, Anders and Anna are the lovely owners of the shop, they’ll treat you well all along. Not bothering you like “oh you should try that” (when indeed you should try that on, man). So have a look while you’re around. Last but not least, the new shoes collection from Minimarkets underlabel, Mini for many just look awesome. Oder?! I need to get myself a pair before it’s too late. And guys, you’ll find everything you need to look hot enough for spring. Okay. Almost.

Pale Blue Eye

Kastanienallee 50/51

Berlin, 10119

030 / 5449 1867
Mon – Fri:
12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Tabea’s Outfits

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Tabea is in Berlin since 2004, originally from the north of Germany. Every time I meet her, I’m raving about her outfit, she got a very cool style, between the twenties and fifties. No expensive items, mostly H&M or Ebay, cos hey? who’s gonna spend millions on a dress that will probably not pass the night, or shoes that will be drowned by the snow? Party girls are no sissies, and we like it like that. I was pretty surprised though, because with basics, she really build her own style. The way she mixes her clothes is unique, and she got the best tattoos ever, they fit her so perfectly it’s like they were born with her. I asked her to pick up her three fav outfits, and you got it! If you’re lucky, you can meet her at the entrance of the 8MM two fridays a months (so better be nice and don’t forget your ID), at the Panorama bar to buy her a drink or, if you got the chance to be epileptic, she will take care of you cos she works as a researcher in a berliner hospital (no I won’t tell you which one, there are enough maniacs in this world).

Dress H&M/Shoes Deichmann/Tattoos Scratchers-Paradise/© Owen Dakin

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