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Tabea’s Outfits

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Tabea is in Berlin since 2004, originally from the north of Germany. Every time I meet her, I’m raving about her outfit, she got a very cool style, between the twenties and fifties. No expensive items, mostly H&M or Ebay, cos hey? who’s gonna spend millions on a dress that will probably not pass the night, or shoes that will be drowned by the snow? Party girls are no sissies, and we like it like that. I was pretty surprised though, because with basics, she really build her own style. The way she mixes her clothes is unique, and she got the best tattoos ever, they fit her so perfectly it’s like they were born with her. I asked her to pick up her three fav outfits, and you got it! If you’re lucky, you can meet her at the entrance of the 8MM two fridays a months (so better be nice and don’t forget your ID), at the Panorama bar to buy her a drink or, if you got the chance to be epileptic, she will take care of you cos she works as a researcher in a berliner hospital (no I won’t tell you which one, there are enough maniacs in this world).

Dress H&M/Shoes Deichmann/Tattoos Scratchers-Paradise/© Owen Dakin

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Decadent Berlin

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© Julien Léraillé

Sundays in Berlin, specially in February, are pretty much like a black hole if you went out the night before. You wake up at two and it will be night again in no time, need one hour at least to find out first who you are, second what was the night all about, and third, why your legs are black and blue (again). No, it is not an easy life to remember nothing all over again. The walk of shame is on. But you’re pretty much too brain dead to focus on that matter anyway. The difference with Paris is, that in Paris, it’s no fun! You go out at 21h, cos all the bars will close at 2h. You need time to get drunk, and to socialize a bit. Most of the time you’re home around 3, not that bad. You still feel like shit when waking up, but you can see a bit of your day, you can make plans and so on. In Berlin you can’t! I mean, when drunk, at the top of the night, I will be all smooth and making appointment for the day after. “Yes, let’s meet at six, then we grab something to eat and the party is on again!”. Hmm. Well, no. Impossible, I’m not 18 anymore, my body needs at least two days of full recovery (food, crappy movies, and pyjama. Duh. So sexy) to be able to get my brain ready for a full week of work. continue reading…

My Life in Orange

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Jobs and Berlin. That is just the pain in the ass ever. No news about it. But when people tend to complain all the time, I’d like to remind them that the problem is not only the job situation. I mean come on, who is speaking good enough to order a wiener schnitzel with cream and mushrooms? That’s what I thought. Anyway, two things you do need to know when moving up here. If you are an artist, musician, or whatsoever that is related to a self-centered hobby, well, good luck with that. You will find a load of non-german guys to drink with. That will be much fun and you’ll be totally broke in no time. Though, this is quite the place in Europe to shake your butt, and you will find a lot of talented people to work and spread your bitterness with.

Second, you are not an artist. You’re just a basic thing that needs to find a job quickly, cos mommy told you that monthly incomes are the key to your safety. You’re not a kick ass in german, could be worse (see first category), but, seriously, is it possible to talk in german all day with like real sentences? After one year in the city, I can tell you that 10 years won’t be enough to deal alone the ladies from the Bürgeramt.

I was quite lucky. I found a job in not even one month. And dude, what a job. The beginning of my life in orange for a couple of months. It was my first time in a call center. You cannot be much exigent. As good as your resume looks, you don’t speak good enough. So here you are, in this crazy orange open space, craving to be back in Paris and having a real career. AND, you are not even in Berlin, oh my god. You are in Potsdam-ned, it means that it takes you 1h15 of travel twice a day. In the Regional -suburban trains that are so full that you want to die, and it makes you wonder if germans do that on purpose, like an old habit. Anyway, well, then there’s the job, not much else to say. Worst thing ever. But seriously. All the morons are upon you. They got a bunch of words that totally mean nothing, flow-walker-team leader-shift manager. Actually, it is a sociological experiment and the outsiders are definitely in the happy place. At least, you know you’ll be out of it sooner than later. And you certainly don’t want to get a promotion. I stood it 8 months, I don’t know how I managed that. Well, the safety of the pay, plus the no-brain situation. You can show up hungover, living-dead, you can still make your job! How awesome is that. I admit, it makes you go banana, that is for sure. I’m now over it. I’m experiencing another kind of situation. A real job (brain needed), 10 min from home. Still, german offices got their little spicy thing you want to crash your head on the wall. That’s an other story. Also, girls are mean. That is for sure.

Megan Cullen is an australian photographer, living in Berlin since a few months. She shoots randomly, touched by the city and the people that are in it. But she also makes brilliant shootings, following a magical framework that is truly inspiring.

Her latest work is called Nahimana Yepa, featuring the gorgeous french muse Marina Dellamore. Those pictures have been taken in Berlin last week, and you can’t even feel how cold it was that day. Megan invites you into a journey of time and space, surely you do not want to go back.

Howdy Berlin

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This is it. We Are Berlin. A subjective feedback from my life in the city. But not only. In here, you will find shootings and weekly agendas, places to go or to avoid, parties to show up and music to discover. A mix of fashion, lifestyle and feelings related to Berlin.

What is the purpose of it? Well, since one year in Berlin,  I do feel like a I am belonging to this town. And I love it. You need some time to get along with the recurrent loss in translation and the crazy weather. No, it is not such a cliché to talk about the winter. It is the reason of it all! Depression and moodiness are stuck into your bones for at least four months. And there is nothing you can do about it. We do all feel the same. It’s like sucking up the deeper dark of your soul, and you have to cope with it. We are all craving for spring, and we know it will be worth it.

It’s pretty hard to define precisely the modus operandi of this blog, and I don’t really care. You are welcome to read it, but the purpose of it stays in a personal thinking. There is no fishing for celebrity nor becoming the new hype thing. Being in Berlin is not the easiest life ever, as some might think it is. You do need to turn down your expectations, you do not find the best jobs ever. It is all about cutting corners and be happy with the little things you have. That’s find. But you need something to do that it is also totally you. I did not want to do it all alone. I am happy to collaborate with Megan Cullen and Marina Dellamore, that will be working on shootings, every week, and this is going to be great!